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Effective communication is important in order to keep both parties - you and your supplier - on the same page. Our bilingual team proficient in both English and Chinese offers accurate translation for you to eliminate misunderstandings when talking with your suppliers.

When it comes to sourcing a product and speaking with Chinese suppliers, emails can be inconvenient and ineffective for following up production processes. We support any forms of IM communication platforms to fully engage you in the production process, as well as actively involved in the conversations and discussions to provide translations and coordinations.

Our specialists can perform a thorough investigation on the suppliers by carrying out field visits, business performance checking, and bad record investigation to confirm that they are legitimate and qualified manufacturers who are capable of producing your orders according to standards established.

You will never know the factories’ real production condition until you see it in person. However, the severe epidemic situation and strict cross-border policies are preventing you from travelling to China to visit the factories, which are likely to contribute to the risk of unsuccessful completion of orders. Based in Shenzhen, we are closer to the factories than you are, and we self-appointed to be your local representative in China. Having a group of QC team members who are in charge of factory QC inspections, we can help evaluate the factory's production capacity and factory environment physically to make sure that your supplier is able and capable to complete your orders.

Cargo inspection is the final and most important step of product quality control, as we all know, quality products make a business sustainable. Upon requests, we carry out inspection on each product sealed in the cartons by checking its appearance, testing its functionality, counting its parts to see if there’s anything missing, and measuring the products.

It is of vital importance to inspect the sample before your order is put into volume production. We strictly check every detail of the sample provided, and after it is confirmed to be of excellent quality as expected, we communicate with the factory from top to bottom to start production. What’s more, we handle sample delivery to your doorstep upon requests.

Each and every purchase should be optimised for costs, and we handle purchasing orders according to your needs. We make sure the manufacturer is following the standards established when producing the products, and offer translations whenever needed.

We guarantee to coordinate at every stage and address problems that crop up until the final product is completed. We assist you in verbalising your ideas for product improvement and the designing process with the manufacturer.

Make your idea a reality. We carefully select suppliers that are actually capable of making your dreams come true - to create a product that is specifically tailored to your original concept.

Our mission is to maximise cost savings for our customers. For each customer, our team will find the manufacturer with the most favourable price on the premise of ensuring product quality.

We have a complete cross-border transport chain, which helps you to send your goods to the address you provided effortlessly.

Listing images and A+ pages are key points in your Amazon web page to attract customers to buy your products. There are a lot of skills involved in typography, visual design and content design here, and a lot of time will be spent designing or finding someone to design the content. We have it included in our package, so you don’t have to waste your time on time-consuming tasks like product listing - go focus on your bigger tasks and leave the small ones to us.